Ajax Count Down Timer

This timer uses PHP and jQuery to show the server time. The server time will be the same for all users whereas a Javascript timer would be dependent on the local time on the device.

Here is the php code to generate the time:

// end time 2012-9-30 24:59:59 with server time compensated three hours
$target = mktime (23, 59, 59, 9, 30, 2012)-(3*60*60);
if($days == 1){
    echo "$days day $hours hours left";
else if($days > 1){
    echo "$days days left";
else if($hours > 1){
    echo "$hours hours $minutes min left";
else if($hours == 1){
    echo "$hours hour $minutes min left";
else if($minutes > 0){
    echo "$minutes min $seconds sec left";
else if($seconds > 0){
    echo "$seconds sec left";
else {
    echo "Auction Closed";

The code below displays the time. It assumes jquery is loaded on the page.

<p id='days_left'></p>
<script type='text/javascript'>
  /* auction timer */ 
  function auctionTimer(){
    console.log('check time');
}); </script>

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