Integrating BluePay Recurring Payments with PHP

Below are instructions for using the  BluePay_bp20post-PHP5.php  class to setup recurring payments from a donation form.


//create first scheduled  payment
$end=date('d h:m:s');
// Create instance
$bp = new BluePayment();
//First sale creates a master. It will be processed as a payment. In the Blue Pay  terminal it will be labelled (rebill master).
//Sets up schedule of recurring payments.  This is set for monthly billing.
$bp->rebAdd($amt, date($rebill_date), "1 MONTH", '');
//note:  setCustInfo parameters were modified to capture what I needed. Refer to the class and adjust for your purposes.
$cc_num,  $cvv,  $exp,  $fname, $lname,
$address,  $address2,  $city,  $state,  $zip,  $country,
$phone,$email,  $memo
$status= $bp->getStatus();


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