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    Flowers in wine bottles Cheerful and brilliant I bought them before you came for dinner We finished my wine From the refrigerator in my old house Our conversation was awkward Connections not fitting But our limbs fit togethor well Giving each other comfort We filled each other up You canceled our next trist Which saved me from canceling The flowers…

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    Boxes of photos Distillations of past understandings Framed, matted, mounted with archival tape Sold for their frames I helped load them into a truck With lightened footsteps

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    “Where are these from?” Amanda asked. Little, heart magnets were clustered on my refrigerator. Pink and red Buzzing around a fortune cookie message You home is a pleasant place from which you draw happiness “Artifacts from my ex-wife.” Amanda smiled and rearranged the hearts in a neat circle. I was a little saddened by this. A defaced memory could not…