Apophysis Fractal Designs

Sinusoidal, Horseshoe, and Julian Fractal Effects


Julian Experiment

This was my favorite from today. It started with two triangles with the parameter “Julian:1″ ; This made a cool amoebae like shape. When it was animated it really looked like it was alive. It wasn’t enough to be interesting by itself. A linear shape split the bead apart and a disk in the middle added some interesting circles. I rendered it on my son’s computer. It only took 2 hours to render it at a very high quality at 8″x10”. It must be the 3d modeling card he put in it because on my computer the same thing would take days.


 Horseshoe Fractal Experiment

Using the horseshoe parameter, I wasn’t able to get very much. It just made these blobby things and crazy lines. With a few more elements, I was able to to get this (above).


Sinusoidal Fractal Experiments

Ok, so the “sinusoidal” makes things square. Its tricky to get them to do anything else. These use 3 and 2 triangles.Â

apophysis-080419-116.jpg apophysis-080419-116-2.jpg

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